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>> SwayStar™ Software  ( ~ 29.2 MBs exe-file)
md5=cf2cd388f6913372659532b77df87533 **
First Installation
The current version number is (see in the SwayStar™ program, after installation, the command "Help - about SwayStar™" ). Please install the Update via the SwayStar™ program (see "Help - Internet Update") to get the latest version which is!
>> SwayStar™ UpdateSwayStar™ Software  ( ~ 21.9 MBs exe-file)
md5=bf50fb9a59e92f2f96db3c2a5659e9c3 **
>> SwayStar™ Installation CD Image  ( ~ 178.9 MBs exe-file)*
md5=527f710234288bda0f42fe98a908a651 **
>> SwayStar™ Software Manual  ( ~ 6.2 MBs pdf-file  PDF)
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         User Manual Software
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