BalanceFreedom™ - BII's new Rehabilitation System

A new addition to SwayStar™ is the auditory-vibro-tactile biofeedback system BalanceFreedom™. Transducers mounted on a headband provide on-line auditory, vibro-tactile and visual feedback on the direction and amplitude of trunk sway. With only little training, the wearer can learn to improve their balance, thereby reducing sway.


The system runs in two modes: stand alone (the system operates without a PC) or with a PC.

Position or velocity feedback with different thresholds for stance and gait tasks can be used in each mode.

The thresholds can also be set individually for any protocol and downloaded into the feedback controller with the SwayStar™ software.

Components include:
<+> Biofeedback controller mounted on SwayStar™ belt
<+> Head band with transducers
<+> Cable to head band
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