5.5  HELP

This help section appears with a search functions and index.


5.5.1  System Information

The details associated with your computer are particularly useful when troubleshooting problems with the operation of SwayStar™. The relevant details should be reported to the service department by simply copying the details and emailing them for reference.


(Note: this is not available for all installations and the format may vary for different iterations of Windows)


Hardware Resources

These are Windows functions and are available in most Window’s operating systems.


Conflicts/Sharing, DMA, Forced Hardware, I/O, IRQs, Memory



Multimedia, display, infrared, input, miscellaneous, modem, network, ports, storage, printing, problem devices, USB, history, system


Software Environment

Drivers, 16-bit modules loaded, 32-bit modules loaded, running tasks, startup programs, system hooks, OLE Registration and Software Updates.


5.5.2  Device manager

This command calls up the device manager and permits the user to view the COM ports available.


5.5.3 Bluetooth Places


This menu item was introduced for SwayStar versions and higher. The menu item is only present provided the host operating system is Windows 2000 or Windows XP and the Bluetooth® software BlueSoleil  from IVT Corporation is at least  version, or Windows Vista and the BlueSoleil software is at least of version The presence of this command indicates that device drag and drop from “Bluetooth Places” to SwayStar is supported. The command opens BlueSoleil’s “Bluetooth Places” in a Windows Explorer window. The version of BlueSoleil present on the PC can be determined by opening the corresponding “About BlueSoleil” window in either the classic or Windows Explorer integrated view or in the “About Swaystar” window (see 5.5.6  About SwayStar).


5.5.4  Export Registry Settings

This command helps to transfer settings (see Settings-operation, section 5.4.6) and the users license key to another PC. A file is generated which has the name SwayStarSettings-(time stamp).reg. Transfer the file to the new PC. Then, clicking on the file will transfer the settings file automatically to the correct location.  Simply follow the instructions. Data bases and CSV files will need to be transferred separately. The files to transfer for all protocols and sequences (see section 5.4.2 Setup) are def+ref under program files. We advise making a copy of the original version of the files created at installation on the new PC, for safety’s sake.


5.5.5  Internet Update

You must have an active connection to the internet (Modem, DSL, Cable, T1, …)  to update your SwayStar™ software. On clicking on update , the update will proceed automatically.  Simply follow the instructions. Data bases and CSV files are not affected by an update.


5.5.6  About SwayStar

Entering this section informs the user about the status of the software-version number. Clicking on the lock symbol enables the user to update their software key, for example if it is about to expire or if the user has acquired additional features such as BalanceFreedom™ or BalanceView and wishes to activate these features.


If the Bluetooth® software BlueSoleil  from IVT corporation is installed and this is at least version, an additional Bluetooth icon  is displayed. When the mouse is passed over the Bluetooth icon the BlueSoleil software version is displayed as a hint.