Cerebellar Ataxia with low vestibular-ocular reflex gain
Age at test 44

Key Signs:
In addition to poor roll control described for the patient above, this patient shows additional abnormalities due to a central vestibular deficit, for example, abnormal sway standing eyes closed (with tremor at 6-7 Hz) and inability to stand on one leg eyes open. Walking with vol-untary head pitching or head rotation is abnormal (see summary below)

Standing on two legs, eyes closed

Roll, pitch angle plot Pitch frequency plot
Summary Data:
The sensory analysis of stance indicates that the patient is using visual and somato-sensory inputs to control stance to a high degree, but is unable to use vestibular inputs and therefore has a low value for this sensory input in the sensory analysis. The patient's roll control for tandem walking is borderline normal for angle but abnormal for velocity, for the barriers task roll angle sway is abnormal.

BCS summary plot
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