Simulator (Non-organic balance disorder)
Age at test 49

Key Signs:
Typically these patients show results inconsistent with a balance disorder. For example, pitch sway velocity for two-legged stance eyes closed on foam is half that for eyes closed on a firm surface (see summary below). Here even for two-legged stance eyes open on a firm surface (see traces below) slow sway movements were observed. Such sway is almost never seen for patients with real balance problems. The patient cannot stand on 1 leg, eyes open, for more than 7 secs, but again, inconsistently, this patient can walk normally eyes closed and perform tandem steps normally. Thus typically for this type of patients, gait/stance ratios are low.

Standing on two legs, eyes open, firm surface
Roll, pitch angle plot Pitch velocity range plot
Summary Data:
Notice how the Sensory Analysis results do not follow the typical pattern of visual less than somato-sensory less than vestibular. This indicates that the subject has inconsistent stance results. The same observation holds for the gait/stance ratios. Normally (and especially in patients with balance problems) trunk sway during gait is much larger during stance. The opposite effect is observed here.

Greater than normal. BCS summary plot
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