Auxiliary Test Equipment

The following equipment is recommended :
Test room surface
A normal surface that is hard, smooth, flat, not carpeted and not slippery should be used. If possible the test person should be barefooted.

Foam surface
The foam should have a height of 10 cm, length 250 cm, width 44 cm and a density of 25 kg/m³ (40% DIN 53577). The length is necessary to accommodate tandem walking tasks.

A simple armless stool without rollers and adjustable in height should be used. The height of the stool should be adjusted so that the test person’s knees form a right angle. The starting position for the arms should be hanging down, not resting on the knees.

Stairs A set of stairs with two upward and two downward steps and with a step height of 23 cm and preferably no handrails can be used.

Barriers Construction bricks (21 cm high) and wooden slats (3 x 3 x 120 cm) can be used. When the wooden slats are laid across the bricks, they act as a barrier 24 cm high. Four such barriers, spread 1m apart, should be used.
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