5.2  RECORD (ALT + R)

In order to use these commands, the sensors must be active or the system is in demo mode (Model 0).


5.2.1  Single (Ctrl + R)

Enables the operator to choose a single protocol for recording. A drop-down window will display the options


5.2.2  Sequence (Ctrl + S)

Enables the operator to choose a sequence of protocols for recording. A drop-down window will display the options.


5.2.3  Recover communication (F6)

This allows the user to recover the COM port SwayStar™ previously used for recording.


The port communication could be lost when, after a period greater than 40s, no communication with the SwayStar™-sensor box could be established. In this case communication with the device is stopped. Switching on the SwayStar™-sensor box off and on again does not bring back the communication.


You have to hit F6 or you can disconnect and reconnect your USB device (BlueTooth Dongle or serial to USB cable).


If the communication is down the following events reawaken the communication:



The advantage to leaving the communication down is that on average the program is more responsive if one works “off line”. In addition executing F6 stops and closes the connection and restarts it. It is like closing the program and running it again.



5.2.4  Discover Port (F5)

This allows the user to let SwayStar™ discover COM ports available for recording, select that required and use it.


5.2.5  Sensor Setup (F4)

This permits direct  entry into the command window  Options, Settings, Sensors – see Settings 5.4.6


5.2.6  Device Offline (F11)

Provides an easy means to switch the device off- and on-line, based on last COM port used. It is assumed that the COM port is available and ready for use.